7 Effective Yoga Poses For Muscle Building

A strong and well-built body is a dream for everyone. Everybody wants to have six packs with bulging muscles. A muscular body is not only good for looks but also for one’s personal wellbeing. A better quality of muscles denotes a fit body with the lesser amount of fat and powerful immunity power. Strength building is also very important for a better metabolism..

Is bodybuilding directly proportional to weight lifting? Do you think muscles can be built only in the gym? If yes, you are certainly away from the fact to a good distance. Yoga can help you achieve your ideal body shape. In the time of scientific machines, Yoga is still prevalent and relevant with even more intensity when it comes to framing a strong body. Although we just focus on the physical aspects of Yoga’s muscle-building program, the yoga poses improve the mental as well as the emotional health of the human body.

Here’s the list of some of the incredible Yoga poses for muscle building:

1. Bakasana


Bakasana is about supporting the entire body weight with the arms and balancing the body on the palms. It is also about squashing one’s leg muscles while maintaining the correct body posture with a straight spine. While there is no doubt that the Crow Pose will strengthen the arms muscles, since there is a great amount of workout in progress by the arms, it is an outstanding pose for developing and managing the upper body structure and muscles. As this is an advanced Yoga pose, you need to take proper guidance for practicing this.


2. Kapotasana


Another vigour-fostering exercise from Yoga’s kitty comes in the form of Kapotasana. The asana is extremely instrumental in bolstering thigh muscles and various joints of the body. Known as Pigeon Pose in English, this exercise marks a complete workout for the entire body with almost each body part taking part in bending backward while keeping the torso straight to touch the toes with your palms and the lean the head towards the ground.




Trikonasana is a popular physical activity that can be practiced by everyone. Making a distance of approx 10 inches between your feet, tilt the body towards either side in alternation to touch the toes or the feet. You can also do so by touching the opposite side feet. While the hands are continuously in motion, it has a good effect on the arms muscles, the asana also tones the abdominal muscles and sponsors a flat belly. Along with promoting nourishment to the complete body, the Triangle Pose gives required strength to the thighs and hips.


4. Astavakrasana

Balance is in the core of this asana. Although Astavakrasana is a little bit similar to Bakasana, it holds the upper hand when it comes to forcefulness. The Eight-angle Pose is practiced by holding the body weight on the palms while the legs are raised in a straight line in Dandasana to the side. It tones the spine to a great level, along with giving substantial energy to the entire body. The arms get stiffened in the whole vibrant way.



5. Padangusthasana


Adorned with all round physical and mental advantages, Padangusthasana is really an expert in giving the muscles a fine way of nourishment and energy. The muscle-building asana is performed by bending the body in the forward direction to make the palms touch the toes. While the bones, hips, spine, and muscles get strengthened while you bend the torso, the Circulatory System comes into action to bless the mind with pure and circulating blood. The Big Toe Pose also has a positive impact on the shoulders, knees, ankles, etc.

6. Phalakasana


Plank has always been a favourite physical exercise among muscular body seekers. In Phalakasana, only the four body parts- the palms and the toes are in contact with the ground and rest of the body is thrust upon these. Keeping the body, from the head to ankle is quite mandatory to practice the pose with success. This is fruitful in fine-tuning the body posture and instilling brawniness in the body muscles. While doing this pose, pressure can be found in the thigh, lower leg, shoulders, and arms toning all of them to a great extent.

7. Akarna Dhanurasana


Akarna Dhanurasana is a killer pose for strengthening the legs and hips. The practice involves the effort applied in pulling the foot near the ear. The exercise for this pose begins with Dandasana. Hold the toes properly and try pulling the right foot towards the right ear slowly by making sure the left leg remains in its original position. Although the practice is tremendously challenging, it comes with enormous flexibility for the leg muscles. Bracing the lower body parts, the asana also provides strength to lower spine and the abdomen.

Yoga is full of such practices and teachings that encourage a good health and fit body. All you need to do is prepare your body and sink into the beauty of Yoga poses!

Author Bio : Bipin Baloni is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He provides Ayurvedic Treatment In Kerala. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas.
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