7 Reasons Why You Should Start a New Hobby

Our to-do lists are always growing and it seems our days keep getting shorter and shorter, but today I’m encouraging you to add another task to your list. Start a new hobby!

There are many benefits to having and regularly doing a hobby.

While it may seem like you already have too much to do during your day, trying out a new hobby can actually help relieve stress and help you disconnect from your daily routine.

Most people have a few things that they’ve always wanted to try. Now is the time to do it.


For example:


I’ve always been a fan of archery (probably because of all those hours spent watching Lord of The Rings and playing Skyrim).

But I’ve never actually bothered to buy a bow and some arrows. I just kept telling myself that I was too busy to pick up a new hobby and whenever I talked to someone about it, they insisted that it was a waste of time and money.

But a few weeks ago, I finally made up my mind and figured that if I stopped wasting so much time scrolling Instagram after dinner I could actually find some time to shoot some arrows. So I went for it and finally bought a bow and some arrows.

And the only thing I kept saying to myself after I tried the bow was “why didn’t I do this sooner“?

So if you have any “passion”, hobby or skill that you’ve been wanting to pickup for a long time, go for it! It doesn’t matter what others may think at first, get over your doubts and just start.



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If you still have doubts about embracing your new hobby, here are seven important reasons why you should start doing it right now:


Relieve stress


This may sound counterintuitive, but it’s true. While it may seem like adding another thing to do will stress you out even more, that’s not the case with hobbies. Doing something you enjoy can be a great way to release stress. Your mind can escape the other demands of the day while you focus on the pleasurable task at hand.


Improve Your Overall Physical Health 


This may not be true for all the hobbies out there, but most of them require you to move around. Using my new hobby as an example:

With archery, you mainly use your upper body, shoulders and arm muscles, so if you practice it regularly you may notice a slight improvement in strength, balance, and flexibility.
Archery also demands correct posture to hit the bull’s eye. Hence, regular practice of archery improves overall physical posture, improves low back pains, improves the alignment of your back and strengthens shoulders.

If your office chair is ruining your posture, archery could be a fun sport to take up on weekends to get those shoulders back in the proper place.


Gives a confidence boost


It can be extremely rewarding to be good at things outside of work and the home. Maybe you are good at your job, but never knew you had talents in woodworking or playing tennis. Trying out new things and discovering what else you can do well can boost your self-confidence. There may be things you’re naturally good at and you just haven’t tried them yet!



An Opportunity To Meet New People


Many hobbies will introduce you to new people and allow you to open up your network of friends. Joining a hiking group or a chorus will allow you to meet new people who you automatically have something in common. You may be exposed to new people, friendships and relationships that you would never have met otherwise.


A Way To Break Old Bad Habits and Addictions


Back when I was a teenager, I used to play video games during all my free time.

And although I learned a lot by playing them, I felt that it was time to stop. Playing for 4 hours a day wasn’t healthy for me both physically and mentally.

But like any addiction, stopping wasn’t easy. The only thing that worked for me at the time was replacing one addiction for another. But a healthier one. So I started working on jigsaw puzzles every day instead of staring at a screen all day. And It worked!

If you’re struggling to break those bad habits, I highly recommend you getting “Willpower Doesn’t Work” by Benjamin P. Hardy.


Disconnect Yourself


Taking the time to focus on something extracurricular that you enjoy, gives your brain a break and allows you to refocus, once you return to work.

Problems that once seemed unsolvable can be more easily managed after taking a step away and coming back with a renewed outlook.





If you already have a new hobby in mind that you want to pick up, then great! Start Doing it Right Now!

If you’re stuck on what new hobbies may interest you, just start by trying something new!


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Here a few Ideas and my personal favorites:

  • Buy a bow and start improving your aim. I’ve seen people recommended this awesome one to begin with, but it’s perfectly fine to start with a cheaper one.
  • Get into Photography! If you’re into fitness or calisthenics, there’s no better way to boost your motivation than to get some sick shots of yourself. Just get an entry-level DLSR, a prime lens for those epic blurred backgrounds, a cheap tripod and you’re set!
  • Start Jogging and comparing your times
  • Complete a jigsaw puzzle
  • RC Planes or Cars
  • Get Into Calisthenics (bodyweight only exercises, all you need is a floor and a home pull-up bar)
  • Buy a cheap classical guitar or ukelele and start learning how to play (The basics are pretty easy!)
  • Yoga

Think about what you will probably enjoy doing, and go for it!



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