The Idea of Calisthenics has been around since the ancient times of old Greece.

And since then we’ve known calisthenics as a very effective way of gaining muscle and building an amazing body. Where do you think  artists from Rome and Athens got their inspiration from?

This knowledge was carried out until today, but recently calisthenics workouts have suffered a major boom and its fame has grown immensely.

Thanks to social networks like Instagram and YouTube, people are discovering that you don’t need a gym membership to get an awesome body and that you can learn how to perform amazing displays of strength and flexibility all by yourself with no personal trainers.

All you need is access to the Internet.

We have access to thousands of information about calisthenics online.

The problem is that those resources are all scattered around the web, and most people struggle to find proper and reliable tutorials and workouts.

Our aim is to provide a perfect user experience to athletes and aspiring athletes of all levels who want to learn and master the art of calisthenics. Compiling the best resources we’ve personally used with our own workouts and tips to achieve calisthenics mastery.