The Best Gymnastic Rings Available Today

As I have talked about on previous articles, If I had to choose just one piece of calisthenics equipment to work out with for the rest of my life, it would be the gymnastic rings.

There is no other equipment in the world that gives you so much different exercise possibilities, allowing you to train all of your upper body without the need of any extra weights or equipment.

Like the paralletes, there are several types of gymnastics rings available on the  market, but their main difference is the material in which they’re built.

Wooden plastic and Metal.

Plastic rings are for those who perhaps won’t train as often and only complete simple exercise. But you’ll soon want to progress and develop your skills further, and the plastic rings will be less suitable due to their lightweight and less comfortable feel.

The reason the plastic rings on Amazon have so many reviews is because people who are just getting into gym ring training are buying these cheaper rings giving them a good rating.

Metal rings are not as common but they are highly durable. However, they are harsh on the hands and best used for a permanent outdoor setup (where you can leave them outside). You will just need to strap up the rings to give some additional grip.

I own both wooden and plastic but I prefer using wooden gymnastic rings.

Wooden rings feel better on your hands, absorb moisture and are less prone to slippage (especially if you use chalk)

But this decision is up to your personal preference.

I chose to acquire both, mainly because I have an outdoor home gym and wooden rings can’t be placed outside on the rain.

So I have wooden gymnastic rings indoors and plastic ones on the outside pull-up bar.

What to look for when buying rings:

  • The durability – Every gymnastics ring listed here is trustworthy, but you’re going for other rings make sure you check their reviews for durability.T
  • The Material – As I talked before, you need to choose between wood, metal and plastic.
  • The buckle system– A critical aspect of this piece of equipment in order to maintain safety and comfort.
  • Strap Length – this is very useful when adjusting for lower level exercises (Push-ups, rows).
  • Set-Up Difficulty – Most rings offer simillar set-ups, but there are some premium gymnastic rings , that provide enhanced installation mechanisms which provide an easier set-up and most importantly they’re easier to even out.
  • Size– Especially important if you  travel with your gymnastic rings


Here are the gymnastics rings I personally use, and honestly, the only ones you’ll ever need:

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