Best Power Rack For Your Personal Home Gym

Whether you’re looking to outfit a commercial gym, or complete your home gym, no piece of equipment is more versatile than the power rack. Serious lifters know that know that a power rack is an important part of safe solo lifting.
Power racks were the original home gym before the concept was really even a reality and they’re still the go-to for anyone who is serious about body building in the comfort of their own home. Despite their size, many serious lifters find a way to either a power them into their existing home gym space or turn their garage into a makeshift weight area.


A good power rack isn’t just a cage with a couple of hooks for the bar as there are multiple stations involved. Make sure you get one with a pull up bar!
There should also be bar hooks and band hooks all over the rack to provide enough stations to make your power rack a standalone gym.


The special additions to your rack don’t mean squat if they are not the ones that you will use. Make sure that you are getting accessories that you will use. Common ones to look out for include a row station, excess plate and bar storage, ladder attachments, and spotter platforms. And of course an olympic bar and weights.

Safety Features

Power racks are inherently more dangerous than a machine so every little bit helps when it comes to ensuring your personal safety. Check to see if the rack has a stabilizer bar; these are usually found running along the bottom back side of the rack. Also look for if and how the rack is designed to be anchored. Most racks will either offer holes in the back to anchor into the wall or on the bottom to screw into the floor.

Here’s a list of the top power racks available on amazon:









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