Why You Should Start Taking Cold Showers Everyday

I’m writing this just as I’m out of a fresh, energizing, badass cold shower. There’s no other thing you can do that’s so empowering yet so easy to start with.

I’ve been doing them regularly for years now, and I can honestly say that they’ve had a major impact on my mentality, personality and decision making.

Yes,  cold showers are good for you.

But how can such a minor thing impact one’s life so much?

It’s not about the cold itself, it’s about the strength of mind that is needed to rotate the temperature gauge and doing what no one else would even think of doing. The hesitation you feel when you wake up early in the morning, get naked in front of the shower deciding whether you turn on the cold or the hot water is the same one you feel when you have to make quick harsh decisions in other areas of your life.

Through my experiences, I’ve found that there have been a lot more “Just Do it” moments in my life since I’ve started taking cold showers.

There are no easy ways to change your mentality, no shortcuts.

If you’re not happy with your current self or if you regret and feel like a coward after making certain decisions, start with this simple yet so “difficult” habit every morning.

I promise you won’t regret if you just stick with it.

And of course, that’s just one of the mental benefits of a cold shower.

You might be wondering if the pain is worth and if cold showers are good for you. Here are 4 cold shower benefits that will make you change your mind:

They’ll Help You Relax

Putting yourself under stress every day will help you adapt and feel comfortable around stressful situations, which in turn will help reduce cortisol levels and make you feel less stressed.

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4049052/

One thing I’ve been trying for a few months is trying to have no reaction to the cold water. Just staying there under the freezing cold water, controlling my breath, adapting to the cold instead of jumping and screaming.

They’ll make you look better

It is well known that cold water helps our skin by closing your pores and by maintaining your skin’s natural oils. Some even say that cold water also constricts your blood vessels, which helps remove dark circles below your eyes! Just keep in mind that without proper sleep, cold water won’t help a lot with the latter.

If you’re really interested in improving your skin care, I recommend you get one of these. I got one during my trip to Israel and I can definitely feel the difference in my skin. It’s not as good as diving into the salty dead sea, but it gets close!

Dead Sea

They’ll Help Fight Depression

Cold showers have been shown to help relieve symptoms of depression. Due to the high density of cold receptors in the skin, taking a cold shower sends an overwhelming amount of electrical impulses from peripheral nerve endings to the brain, which can result in an anti-depressive effect.

(Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17993252)



They Help You Burn Fat

Cold showers can even help you lose weight!

There are a few scientific reasons for a cold shower boosting your weight loss efforts.

The main reason is that your body needs to burn more calories to keep you warm.

And one overlooked factor, both for men and women, is that it boosts your testosterone levels, which is essential for your muscle growth and fat loss.

Even the shivering will help you burn more calories!

Plus, it boosts your metabolism, which will help you burn fat faster.

And of course, your heart rate will go up in an instant!

I did a  home “case study” on this a few weeks ago:

I bought the cheapest waterproof smartwatch I could find and measured my heart rate when doing a James Bond Shower (start warm and change to cold on the end).

My heart rate skyrocketed immediately!  The numbers were approximately the same ones I usually have when I’m running on a treadmill.

It was an obvious result but it was a fun experience.

I’ll share my heart rate graph on the article I’m writing about the James Bond Shower soon. Stay tuned.


They’ll make you recover faster

One of my favorite things on my old gym was to relax in the sauna for 15 minutes and then jumping straight into a cold shower. It just felt so natural and relaxing.

Many famous athletes do this to recover from hard workouts, and I definitely agree with them.




These are just 4 of the many benefits cold showers can have and you can find much more online, all backed up by scientific studies.

But remember, cold showers by themselves may give you some benefits, but they alone won’t change you.

Consider them a catalyst in your life.

The ingredient in your daily routine that’ll give you the willpower and the strength to pursue other good habits and goals and leave the bad ones behind.

Never forget that a good diet and a daily workout routine are key to maintaining a healthy body and state of mind.

So blast some music and get into that cold shower!

If you’re not happy with your current fitness progress, check out how to do more pull ups and why you still don’t have six-pack abs.

So, what’s going to be your decision? Hot or Cold? Choose wisely.


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