5 Reasons Why You Should Learn How To Handstand

Handstands are awesome.

Next to pull-ups, they’re my favorite exercise and the most fun one to do.

Here are 5 reasons why you should start learning them right now:

They Keep You Strong Without Having To Go To The Gym

We’ve all had our relapses, when you spend weeks or even months, years without going to the gym.  I spent months without touching a bar or a dumbbell because I just didn’t have the motivation I had before.

But handstands… they are a hard habit to break.  And once you get used to doing them right, you’ll want to do them whenever you can.

It just feels like playing and not like working out because they’re so fun to do.

So even though I hadn’t worked out in months, my shoulders were always in great shape and I didn’t feel much of a difference lifting random objects (due to the forearm and hand strength) because I kept doing handstands for fun almost every day.  And even when I got back to my regular gym routine, the coming back wasn’t that hard because the handstands kept me minimally fit.

Don’t think handstands are miraculous though. They’re a great way to maintain and improve shoulder strength but don’t forget that you still need to keep that body fat low and workout the rest of your body.

They Improve Your Grip and Forearm Strength

Handstands can help you increase your grip strength immensely.

When doing a handstand you need to use your fingers to stay balanced and to keep your body from falling. Being in the handstand position forces you to constantly adjust your position and that requires your fingers and forearm muscles to stay under constant stress and adaptation.

Besides those extra benefits, once you get used to pressing yourself while upside down, you’ll find it gets easier to press any type of weight while standing.

They Are the Best Shoulder Exercise. 

Not the handstand itself, but one of its variations: The Handstand Pushup.

No other exercise, in my opinion, comes close to Full Range of Motion Handstand Push-Ups in terms of shoulder work. They’re brutal on your shoulders and upper body.

You need a set of Parallel or Parallete Bars to do the full range of motion though, otherwise your head will hit the floor before you complete the full range. But if you’re a beginner/intermediate don’t worry about those yet and focus on doing a normal handstand first.

The basic handstand or handstand pushup against the wall is also great for your shoulders and easier to do but it would be unfair to consider them the best shoulder exercise.

They Increase Your Balance and Core Strength

They’re a great addition to your daily core workout –  you can have fun doing handstands and build core strength as well.

Staying on a handstand position forces you to stabilize your muscles and you’re constantly working your abs, as well as other muscle groups such as your hip flexors, hamstrings, inner thigh muscles, obliques and lower back.

Handstands Are One Of The Most Impressive Exercises You Can Do

Let’s admit it.  If someone does a handstand at the gym, everyone turns their heads around.

Pushing your whole bodyweight against gravity is just super badass.

And they make for epic pictures like this one!

egypt pyramids reasons to handstand learn handstands

I hope I convinced you to take the time to learn how to do a handstand. You won’t regret it!

I’ll post a tutorial about the method I used to learn them soon. Stay tuned!

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