9 Small and Compact Exercise Equipment For Your Home

Tired of paying for a gym membership? Or you simply don’t have the time to go to the gym?

Don’t let that affect your fitness progress and let all your hard work and time spent at the gym go to waste

Even if you don’t have a home gym or you simply don’t have much space inside your house, you can still workout using only calisthenics and by using these small and convenient workout equipment.

Ab Wheel

Having the mission of building a rock-hard set of six-pack abs requires commitment to losing enough body fat, a healthy diet and plenty of challenging and different core workouts. Variety and shocking the muscle is key in building a strong core.

Ab roll outs with an ab wheel will seriously challenge every aspect of your core.

They not only test your abs, but also your lower back, serratus anterior, your triceps and your lats.

So If you’re fed up with the monotony of crunches and sit-ups, grab an ab wheel and start working on those ab rollouts.

If you’re a beginner athlete or you’ve never used this equipment before, get ready for some sick burn on the next day.

And the best part? You can store them anywhere and get your abs ready for summer on the comfort of your home!

Pull Up Bar

The good-old door mounted pull up bar.

Pull-up bars are the key calisthenics equipment. They are the only equipment required for the main calisthenics exercises: the Pull-Up and the Chin-Up. 

A home pull up bar is great because it’s more than enough to do most types of pull-ups and takes almost no space inside your house.

I own two of theses: A pull-up bar screwed in a doorway, and a portable one.

They’re even superior in one way comparing to the outdoor pull-up bar – You can place it your room’s door, and everytime you enter your room, you get a reminder to work out. It may seem like nothing, but it has helped me remain consistent with my workout routines for years. And we all know that consistency is key if you want to have results.

Make this a habit:

Everytime you enter your room, do at least 2 chin ups or pull-ups, or hang from the bar, or do some leg raises. This is an awesome habit especially if you sit down all day an have a sedentary lifestyle.

Sometimes we just need a small push to start working out.

Motivation follows Action

You don’t feel like working out until I’ve been at the gym for 5 minutes. You don’t want to go to aparty until you’re there.

Motivation (and passion) will follow you if you have the balls to go without them.

Having a simple home pull up bar in your room’s door frame and doing a few pull-ups, may just be the only motivation you need to do a full workout. Remember: Motivation follows Action.

Exercise Mat

If you’re reading this article, You’re probably going to be working out on the floor of your bedroom or your living room. So you’re going to need an exercise mat in order to execute most ab exercises.


Hand Grippers

Want to something productive while browsing reddit or instagram? Get a Hand Gripper and start working on that grip strength!

Grip Strength is essential in calisthenics and bodybuilding. You’ll be able to perform more pull ups, hang yourself longer on the bar an lift more. While a hand gripper won’t substitute a proper forearm workout, it’s an awesome way to optimize your time.

Jump Rope

After Hill Sprints, Jumping Rope is my favourite fat burning exercise. It can get super intense after only a few minutes of starting, burning more calories per minute than most exercises out there.

If you’re struggling to build your calves, consider throwing in rope jumping into your workout regime. It’s a fun and super effective exercise which will not only burn an insane amount of calories but also improve your coordination and speed. Why do you think boxers do it all the time?


You can even learn some awesome tricks with it!

Push-Up Bars

Like the paralletes, push-up bars allow you to keep your wrist in neutral positions reducing  joint strain. If you’re having trouble doing more pushups due to wrist pain, the push-up bar is for you.

Or if you want to increase your maximum push-up repetitions, you should try the Perfect Fitness Push-Up Bars.

The handles of this push-up bar are designed to rotate slightly during your pushups, increasing muscle activation as you dip lower. Like the gymnastic rings, they’ll require you to put in a lot more work to stabilize the muscle. As a result, you can increase your muscle strength and definition in your arms, shoulders, back, chest, and abs.



Parallete Bars

Parallel and Parallette bars are an essential calisthenics equipment if you’re an intermediate/advanced athlete. They allow to you to perform awesome and advanced calisthenics exercise with full Range of Motion, like the handstand pushup, the L-Sit and the planche. If you can’t do this exercises yet, one of the few complete exercises you can do is the dips on the high parallel bars which are awesome for your chest and triceps.

If you’re a beginner I advise you to get the Perfect Fitness Push-ups Bars first so you can get used to the new grip on the bar and improve your upper body strength before attempting the more advanced moves on the paralletes.

But if you’re more advanced, what are you waiting for?

Gym Rings

Gym Rings are small and compact piece of exercise equipment, but the problem with most people is that they don’t have anywhere to hang them.

I used to have this problem until I remembered that I could simply hang them in my home pull-up bar.

gym rings home pull up bar

You’ll be able to do most gymnastic ring exercises by changing the height of the gym rings and I guarantee you the gym rings will provide you with amazing and hardcore workouts.

They are one the most complete and effective pieces of exercise and calisthenics equipment, allowing you to work every area of your upper body without the need of any dumbbells or machines.

Mixing gymnastic rings exercises with squats, is the probably my all-time favourite exercise match and all you would ever need to maintain an awesome body.

Fat Gripz

Fat Gripz are probably the best product I’ve ever used to increase my forearm muscles strength and resistance.   The idea around fat gripz is making a pull up bar bar or dumbbells thicker, thus making it a lot more difficult to grip and working your forearms a lot more. Even holding on to a bar is a big challenge with Fat Gripz.

Along with the Hand Grippers, they’re a super effective way to improve all your lifts and improve your pull-up repetitions.

Where To Get Them


All of theses pieces of equipment are available on amazon or ebay, which I’ve compiled in the table bellow:

Product Store
Amazon Ebay
Ab Wheel    
Pull Up Bar    
Exercise Mat    
Hand Grippers    
Jump Rope    
Push Up Bars    
Parallete Bars    
Gym Rings    
Fat Gripz    

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