What to do when your weight loss has plateaued?

People get frustrated and demoralized when they strike the level of a weight loss plateau. A person may experience this when their metabolism has slowed down. After reaching weight loss plateau, people don’t lose weight even by following a strict diet and fitness goals. It happens mostly in athletes and dieters.

There are various calisthenics workout routines that can help you start losing weight again. Here are a few tips to break a weight loss plateau:

  1. Increase exercise frequency and intensity 

A person can easily break a weight loss plateau by making gradual changes to their activity levels. This may help you boost your metabolic rate. Exercise is a more effective way to lose weight. Some of the exercises you must do daily to lose weight are:

Aerobics: Cardiovascular exercise for blood pumping. It increases overall caloric burn steadily. The activity includes: running, skipping, jogging, dancing, and swimming, etc.

Weight training: Weight training burns calories and helps in building muscles. 

Yoga: Yoga helps you in preventing weight gain by burning more calories, build muscle tone. It’s an ideal way to trim down.

  1. Reduce your Carbs

By reducing your carbs intake, you are following the right path of losing weight. Avoid eating high carbs food.  If you are eating a lot, you are not going to lose weight. By lowering your carbs intake, you will find metabolic changes in you. You can eat whole wheat bread, oats, barley, brown rice, whole grain pasta, eggs, nuts and seeds, and lean meats, etc. 

  1. Track your food consumption

To have a proper diet plan, you should track what you are eating at that time. Tracking your calories can help you to alter fewer things in your food. 

By having a food journal or tracking app, you can control your calories easily. There are various apps to track your food intakes, such as Myfitnesspal, FatSecret, Protein Tracker, Lifesum, iTrackBites, MyPlate, and others.

  1. Avoid alcohol

Avoiding alcohol can control cravings. As after having a drink, people get excited about hunger. It makes them eat more calories. As when alcohol utilization goes up, a healthy way of living choices goes down. Drinking a lot may hinder your metabolism, which may also lead to poor sleeping patterns.

  1. Get a proper sleep

Poor sleep can increase your weight and body mass index (BMI). Sleep is essential for mental and physical health as you build muscles while sleeping to improve strength and lose weight. Sleep lead to a happier and healthier life. To reduce weight, you should sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day.

  1. Eat more vegetables

Vegetables are low in calories and high in fibre which can help in reducing energy intake. Eating vegetables in your every meal is the best decision you have ever made for weight loss. 

You can include these vegetables in your meal:

• Broccoli

• Spinach

• Mushrooms

• Cauliflower

• Lettuce

• Garlic

• Brussels Sprouts

• Onions

• Spaghetti Squash etc.

  1. Reduce stress

Stress causes the body to produce Cortisol. It’s a stress hormone that increases the body’s fat. So, building too much Cortisol leads to increased weight. When someone is taking stress, they usually are unable to sleep. And if they are not getting a night of proper sleep, they will, for sure increase weight. Stress is also an unhealthy practice that leads to various serious causes.

  1. Drink water, coffee or tea

Water is 100% calorie-free. Drinking water before taking meals makes you feel fuller, which stops you to intake a lot of food. Drinking water, coffee or tea amplifies your metabolic rate and helps you in weight loss. Tea or coffee consists of caffeine which burns fat. One of the most beneficial teas to lose weight is green tea and is considered a popular healthy drink. The caffeine and antioxidants present in green tea help in burning fats. It also contains theanine ingredient which helps in reducing the stress that ultimately assists in weight loss. 

  1. Don’t cut your protein

Protein boosts up metabolic rate and reduces hunger. If you are determined to lose weight, you should take between 1.6 grams and 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram. It will help if you eat proteins such as corn, black beans, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, eggs, beef, tuna, tempeh, hemp seeds, Guava, peas, bison, pork, milk, lentils, nut butter, halibut, spelt and turkey, etc. These are excellent choices for meals and are high in fibre. There are many protein-based food people can pick to lose weight.

  1. Try Intermittent fasting

It is the most common practice done by people to lose weight. Intermittent fasting is not having food for a more extended period, mainly around 15-40 hours. It leads to a decrease in body weight and maintains muscle mass. Eating a few calories a day either at lunchtime or at dinner time helps in reducing weight.

Author Bio: Stefan Heria


Stefan Heria, a trainer @ Calisthenics Academy and fitnessFreak trains many clients with diverse fitness levels and skill sets. This allows him to continually sharpen his teaching techniques and deliver highly-effective, impressive results which can be found on Thenx calisthenics workout programs. Apart from having a professional experience of 10 years, his love for calisthenics-based training method motivates him to pen down his feelings in form of blogs.