Beginner Gym Rings Workout

Today’s workout is all about gymnastic rings.
As you may know if you follow my website, I’m a huge fan of gym rings.

Working out with gymnastic rings will make you work on areas of your body that you most likely have never even worked on before, even if you’re an experienced athlete on the bars.

This is due to the instability of the rings, which force your muscles to do some extra work to stabilize your muscles and keep you from falling down. Be ready for a lot of shaking when you start working with gym rings.

If you still don’t have gym rings in your house, what are you waiting for? You can them get for less than a gym membership at amazon or ebay and they’ll give you the best workouts ever.

Are you still giving yourself the excuse that you don’t have anywhere to place them? Stop wasting your time and mount them on your home pull-up bar! It’s super easy and fast.

Adjust the straps for the different exercises while you rest between them.

No excuses.

The Workout

This workout is all about getting you used to the instability of the rings and taking your muscles to exhaustion.

You start off with a simple ring hold. It may look easy but your muscles will start shaking like crazy when your first start doing these.

You’ll work on muscles that you’ve probably have never worked on before because most regular gym exercises don’t require you to do this type of stabilization work. That’s why you’ll start shaking so much.

Next up you have the essential calisthenics exercises: Chin-Ups and Pushups.

If you think you’re already good enough on the bar and on the floor, wait until you try these on the rings.

Repeat each exercise until failure for 4 sets. Good Luck!

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gym rings beginner workout

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