Bodyweight Abdominal Assault Workout


Main Goal Cardio, Fat Loss, Ab Training
Workout Type Abs
Training Level Beginner/Intermediate
Days per Week 3
Time Required 30-60 minutes
Equipment Jump Rope, Fitness Mat



Even though you may have a low body fat, you don’t have decent six pack abs. Why?

It’s simple: The muscle won’t grow if it doesn’t need to. You have to push it to the limit.

The solution for this is simple: Consistency and Variation.

“Consistent Action Creates Consistent Results”

And this why you must work on your abs every single day and even harder than you’re used to. Focusing on every movement.

If the only way you’re getting your ab training in is at the end of your workouts for 10 minutes, that’s not enough.

The core is the most important muscle group. That’s why it has that name.

It’s a fundamental supporter for every lift.

In every exercise or movement you do, you engage your abdominals. Which is why you need to be dedicating at least one full day just like you would for any other muscle group.

One full day of training just for your abdominals.

And don’t forget to include all angles and different approaches to your ab workouts. Do them on the ground, hanging, high intensity/high repetitions, isometrically, etc.



Use your imagination and be Creative.

Your training doesn’t have to be boring and repetitive.

There are endless awesome abdominal exercises you can do with only your bodyweight.

Why do you keep doing the same ones every week?

Have some fun and mix things up!   Don’t let your body adapt to your workouts.

Don’t let it know what’s coming and try out this week’s six pack abs workout!

But don’t forget:

The number one factor for having visible six-pack abs is still what happens in the kitchen.

Varied and hardcore workouts may give you super strong abdominals, but they’ll be safely covered behind a nice wall of fat.

So if you want to show off your hard earned abs, make sure you have a good diet and an overall healthy and unstressful lifestyle.


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