Calisthenics Beginner Abs Workout


Most people only work on their core for 5-10 minutes at the end of their regular workout. Which usually consists of a few sets of crunches followed by 3-4 minutes of the plank.

This type of routine might be enough for core strength maintenance, but if you want to build some serious six-pack abs, that routine is not enough.

First, as you should already know, abs are made in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter how much you work on your abs, how many different types of ab exercises you do. If your body fat isn’t low enough, your abs will never show.

So make sure you follow a strict diet and do regular cardio exercise, before even thinking about your ab workouts.

Working your core will not help you burn that stubborn belly fat of yours, but it will help you carve that perfect ab look, improving your core (which is one of the key elements to practice calisthenics) and strengthen your lower back thus helping support your spine.

While one of the key aspects in building a decent six-pack is consistency (consistency in your diet, and consistency in your training), variation and is also key. As good old Schwarzenegger says, you have to keep shocking the muscle.

For more information on how you can finally get six-pack abs, check out our guide.

The Workout

Main Goal Ab Training
Workout Type Hypertrophy
Training Level Beginner/Intermediate
Days per Week 7 days
Time Required 15-20 minutes
Equipment (Amazon) Fitness Mat
Equipment (Ebay) Fitness Mat


Today’s workout is all about abs.

All you need is your body and any comfortable surface to lay on like the typical fitness mat.

Our ab workouts usually consist of mostly hanging exercises (like hanging leg-raises, windshield wipers, …) due to their increased difficulty and efficiency. But today we’re focusing only on ground movements which are perfect to execute when traveling, when you don’t have access to any equipment, or if you can’t do hanging exercises yet.

Good Luck!


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