No Equipment Calisthenics Ab Workout

If you have no access to a gym or to any type of equipment, there’s still no excuse not to workout.

While having specialized equipment can help you progress and overcome plateaus in your training, consider them as only a supplement to your training. In order to workout the only thing you need is your body.

In this workout, we’re focusing on the core muscles. Targeting all the regions of the abdominal muscles and the obliques.

As you’ve probably heard about before, in order to get a visible six-pack it’s much more important to decrease your body fat levels by having a proper diet and doing cardio workouts. Your abs will only pop out once you have a low enough body fat percentage.

So if you do this workout every day, you might get a pretty strong core but your abs won’t show unless you get rid of that fat first.

Main Goal
Six Pack
Workout Type Core training
FeaturesNo Equipment

The Workout

Regular Crunches30 Seconds
Bicycle crunch30 Seconds
Lying leg raises30 Seconds
Flutter Kicks30 Seconds
Toe touches30 seconds
Oblique crunch30 seconds

3 Rounds

The workout consists in doing as many reps as possible during 30 seconds.

Note that even though the goal is to achieve a maximum number of reps, what’s most important is to do the exercise with the best form possible. Focus on chrunching those abs in a slow and focused movement. Your muscles can’t count and don’t care about the amount of reps you do, they only care about how much pressure you put them through. The purpose of this workout is put your ab muscles under as much stress as possible, not to achieve a high rep count.

This mentality should applied throught all your workouts. The only one that benefits from a high amount of poorly executed exercises is your own ego. Focus on form and proper execution, even if it means lowering the weight or achieving less repetitions.