Pushup Mastery Workout



Before you attempt this workout, make sure you warm up properly.

Today’s workout is all about pushups.

As we all know pushups mainly target your chest, but in this workout we’re adding clapping pushups and power pushups which will help you increase your explosiveness while working out.

10 repetitions for each exercise is just a number you should try to achieve. It’s completely normal if you can’t do 10 clapping pushups or 10 diamond pushups at first.

The goal here is to bring your chest and trip to complete failure and master the most important types of pushups.

Get ready for some chest and tricep soreness tomorrow!


Can I do this everyday?

It is not advised to this workout every single day, you need to let your muscles recover before targetting them again.

Make sure you let the chest, the tricep and the shoulders rest at least one day.


Here’s a few guidelines you should keep in mind while performing pushups:

  • Body in a straight line from head to toe: don’t let the hips sag!
  • Lock out arms and protract the shoulderblades at the top
  • Go down until chest nearly touches the ground
  • Keep the elbows in, don’t let them flare out
  • Don’t shrug up your shoulders to your ears, focus on depressing the shoulderblades.


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pushup mastery workout

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