Road To The Handstand Workout

Workout Summary


Main Goal Master the Handstand
Workout Type Skill Training
Training Level Beginner/Intermediate
Days per Week 3-4
Time Required 15-20 minutes
Equipment (Amazon) Parallel Bars*, Fitness Mat*
Equipment (Ebay) Parallel Bars*, Fitness Mat*

* – Optional

Workout Description


Handstands are awesome.

Next to pull-ups, they’re my favorite exercise and the most fun one to do.

And let’s admit it.  If someone does a handstand at the gym, everyone turns their heads around.

Pushing your whole bodyweight against gravity is just a super badass thing to do.

People always ask me how long will it take to learn to perform a handstand.

There is no real answer for this because each person is different, and everyone has a different body, genetics and motivations. It may take weeks, months or years.

But do not think about the time that it’ll take. Think about the process and the fun that you’ll have learning the handstand.

Just make sure you practice the following training at least 3 times a week and stay commited to your goals.

Consistency is key in calisthenics.

The Warmup



Handstand are super tough on your wrists, so make sure you warm up properly before you start practising them. GMB has a great warmup routine, check it out on the video bellow:



The Exercises

Pike Pushups 4 sets of 10
Frog Stand Hold until failure
Wall Assisted Handstand Hold until failure

To be able to hold a handstand, you need to practice two very important things: Your shoulder strength and your balance.

So first up we have pike pushups to help you strengthen your shoulders.

If you want to achieve full range of motion on pike pushups,  and increase their difficulty make sure you do them on parallel bars. You can get them on amazon or  eBay.

If you have access to a gym you can also focus on military presses.


pike pushups calisthenics


Once you feel that you have enough shoulder strength, it’s time to move up to the next exercises: The Frogstand and the wall assisted handstand.

The Frogstand will help you in 3 factors: You’ll learn the hand positioning required for the handstand, it’ll improve your balance, and most importantly it’ll help you build up the confidence required to hold a handstand.

Next up we have the wall assisted handstand.

Get over your fears and kick yourself up against a wall and hold it for as long as possible, moving your feet off the wall for as many seconds as you can.

There’s a lot of debate whether it should be your chest facing the wall or your back. I personnaly agree that the back facing the wall is easier for beginners, but it’s up to you. Just make sure your hands are close enough to the wall so that you don’t arch your back.

You can even do this routine every day if you feel that your shoulders and wrists are completely recovered. Keep practicing consistently and you’ll master the handstand in no time.

Make sure you check out the videos bellow which contain some awesome tips on how to master the handstand.


Looking for a complete routine? Check out our recommended routine!



Here’s my video recommendations on how to master the handstand:

Workout Infographic


handstand infographic tutorial

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